Scatterfilter Reviews "Middle Distance"

Crisp production awaits you in Bare Island's Middle Distance EP. Big rhythmic environments are created, the sounds are precise and interesting. The mood is downtempo, occasionally venturing into the infectious.

Often the pieces open with a soundscape intro, and these intros are intriguing themselves, lots of interesting samples and drones. The sounds are contemporary, grainy bit rot, manipulated samples. A thick analog feel strings through the pieces as well. These are solid instrumental jams, and are excellent for unwinding.

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Night Songs on The Equal Ground 4/5

"Bare Island is the music project of Sydney producer Rob Bryant and his recent release Night Songs is something that will be your next favorite album if you are into music such as Sigur Rós, Portishead, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Notwist ... alright you get the idea.

Bryant combines synths, inventive programming, guitar and bass into music that often has dark tendencies but in some ways feels cathartic. He mixes and combines styles such as trip-hop, post-rock and electronica into fresh compositions that are covered in influence but still feel original.

Bryant has a lot of things going for him. Nights Songs not only has pristine production but contains well-written songs that all build upon the style he is creating. Highly Recommended."

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Q&A on Real Sounds OK

Check out this interview with Bare Island



Bare Island is the music project of Sydney producer Rob Bryant. Drawing influence from artists as diverse as Massive Attack, Blonde Redhead, Sigor Ros, Radiohead, Joy Division, Talk Talk, and pretty much the entire early catalog of 4AD, Bare Island is a destination of blissful, sweet oblivion and melancholy isolation.

Rob Bryant has a background playing keyboards and bass guitar in seminal Adelaide post-punk band the Bacchae, bass guitar for hardcore legends Grunter, and keyboards for Sydney industrial trio Sterile.

Bare Island represents a change of direction to a far more introspective place, where the ghosts of post-punk and new wave crystalise into something new but familiar.

Bare Island NEW EP Middle Distance OUT NOW